StudyMRCOG medical consultancy offers holistic, top quality, cost- effective, innovative safety services for the medical facilities across the globe which ranges from

Hospital Project Design and Consultation

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Hospitals Operations and Service Management

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Accreditations (Statutory & Others)

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QHSE Management and implementation

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Query Management

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Hospital Project Design and Consultation

Infrastructure Design plays a supreme role that provides a concrete foundation to any endeavor. It is also important to understand and visualize the vision of the client and to what extent they are planning the facilities to be. Hence a hospital consultant knowledge, experience and database redefine the execution, operation, and outcome to a level which meets or par the client’s expectations.

For all the Hospital project and management services, planning and conceptualization must be accurate and effective enough to persuade the perceptions and attitudes of many clients and stake holders. Stake holders include Office Staffs, clinicians, hospital staffs and end users.

Our Technical and research team analyses the market through reliable methods such as survey which helps the client to take strong decisions with the backup of reliable statistical data. We are capable to create multiple models or concepts to suit the client based on their revenue and resource requirements.

Project Feasibility Report (PFR)

PFR specifies a detailed study about the project which is imperative to identify the requirements, design in relation to the needs and expectations of the client. A thorough analysis is required to identify the current demand and foreseeing the future demands which shall helps the firm to stay innovative for years.

Our Project Feasibility Report Consists of

1. Project Demand – Patient volume and Market status
2. Operation Methods which includes the man and machine interfaces
3. Project evaluation and Step by Step Cost Analysis(Includes Staffing)
4. Compatibility Survey
5. Details of operation procedures required.
6. Review and Feedback Report – Based on requirement by the client.

Operation Procedures and Accreditations

For a smooth running of any endeavors it is vital to have a set of procedures and accreditations which helps to meet the statutory requirements thus aiding the hospital to function in a systemized and structured manner.

Accreditations shall vary based on the size and nature of specialties offered but which shall include,

NABH (National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers)

JCI (Joint Commission International) Accreditation.

American Accreditation Commission International (AACI) etc.

Our Operations procedures are prepared by our research team comprising of experts in the field which shall be listed below but not limited to,

Infection Control Measures and Biomedical Waste Management

Study site master file and essential documents

Informed Consent Procedures and Writing PICFs

Source Data Identification Log etc

Advanced Information Technology Integration

Information Technology, as we all know plays a key role in the industry which includes management of clinical and non-clinical data in a secure, sophisticated and user-friendly manner. Use of advanced technologies makes the user easy to understand and adapt with the services or procedures which we offer and can also be used for marketing the services worldwide.

Use of Information technology shall be but not limited to,
1. Management of Data
2. Secure method handling Data
3. Performance Analysis
4. Revenue and Expenditure Analysis
5. Report Generation etc

StudyMRCOG medical consultancy offers,

  • Recommendation of advance applicable applications or modules
  • Feasibility Study of current available applications
  • Assistance for selection of Hospital Information Management System (HIMS)
  • Overseeing Commissioning and Feedback

Human Resource Services

StudyMRCOG believes that workforce is the core strength of any industrial sector. Hence it is vital to choose the right crew for the industry and services we offer based on the qualification and expertise they possess. We offer immense support in selection of crafts at various levels for your organization based on the job description provided or approved the client. We also deliver specialized trainings to enhance the skills of the crew which ever required to bring them to the next level. Training programs vary for communications, Technical Skills, patient handling etc. enabling the staff to stay up to date with the current practices.

We offer services such as

Planning of resources based on the nature and size of the project in line with the statutory obligations.

Preparation of Job Description as specified by the client.

Submission of CV as per the job description to the client

Development of HR policies and procedures

Provision for Different training programs (Short term, long term, Online trainings etc)

Project Commissioning

StudyMRCOG organizes detailed audit and survey program to evaluate the existing system or the system which is built new. The need to change is always vital to provide patient care to ensure sustainability and growth. During this process we evaluates the policies, procedures, infrastructure, manning etc. to evaluate the shortfalls if any. This helps our client to have a double check on the system and also to standardize the system with minimal errors.

We offer services such as

Preparation, Review and Establishment of Policies, Procedures etc.

Review of the Infrastructure and resource which includes manning and equipment’s.

Preparation, review, and Establishment of protocols.

Preparation, review, and Establishment of Information technology.

Gap Analysis and Bench marking etc

Hospitals Operations and Service Management

Managing operations seems to be a hectic job for a lot of companies but with StudyMRCOG we make system simplified which makes all the personnel understand and perform efficiently. The key features of a systematic and professionally managed operation are,

Detailed Policies, procedures, and Standard along with strict implementation.

Human Resource Management

Material Inventory management

Patient Care

Facility Maintenance and Upgradation

Robust Finance Control

Operating systems have a huge impact on work climate, staffing, financial results, etc., and yet we are trying to change our health care delivery system without changing its core operations.
StudyMRCOG Offers the below Hospital Operation and Service management services.

  • Preparation, Review and Establishment of Policies, Procedures etc.

  • Review of the Infrastructure and resource which includes manning and equipment’s.

  • Training – Hospital Operations programs for all levels of employees.

  • Finance Control and Optimization

  • Periodical Audits based on client requirement.

  • Manpower recruitment Assistance

  • Query management’

  • Quality Management

  • HSE Management

Hospital operation and service management can be expanded efficiently with the help of an expert medical consultant.

Hospital Accreditations (Statutory & Others)

Accreditations are the benchmarks which are set by different governing bodies to increase the care for health, safety, patients, and environment.  Accreditation to a health care organization stimulates continuous improvement. We offer expert advise and assistance to fulfill the criteria’s and meet the statutory obligations thereby redefining the standards, increasing the value, and enhancing patient satisfaction.
StudyMRCOG have dedicated research team who can work closely with the client to have a detailed understanding of the existing system and to evaluate each department through our detailed audit program. Our Expert auditors will scrutinize each factor which are essential such as

Gap analysis of the existing system

Review of Policies, Standard operating procedures, and protocols

Proper Guidance and training on Accreditation body standards and requirements.

Implementation of standards through advanced training programs.

Audit and Review of each system and its components to strengthen the core system.

We as consultant, well-versed and experienced with quality guidelines, will not only serve as an advisor for the entire process but also act as an expert mentor to draw the success path steadily.

Training Programs – Managing Hospital Operations and Services

“Operating systems have a huge impact on work climate, staffing, financial results, etc., and yet we are trying to change our health care delivery system without changing its core operations. We are trying to achieve the results we want just by changing the reimbursement system, by asking different parties to collaborate, etc.

StudyMRCOG offers extensive training programs to all levels includes executives, managers, and clinicians that will offer the kind of rigorous, science-based operations training made applicable to health care that has been largely unavailable to health care professionals.

With this training program StudyMRCOG studies about the core structure of the existing or new hospital and identifying the positive areas and Areas of Improvements. During the Session or the training, we given each participant to address organizations Unique inefficiencies and using our designed tools and training resources we shall empower the participants to improve the quality and care.

We have helped many hospitals using our unique training program to,

Improve surgical schedules, both emergent and urgent.

Smooth Patient Management throughout all departments and emergencies

Determine the necessary capacity (e.g., beds, staff, equipment) needed to satisfy random patient demand

Improve hospital margins to achieve multimillion annual savings

Improve hospital operational procedures, practices, and protocols to a world class level.

Improve overall quality and patient care.

QHSE Management in Hospitals Management

Quality, Health, Safety and Environment are four key areas which hospitals shall give more focus when it comes to all sectors public or private. We know that when accidents happen, we take the injured personnel to the respective hospitals what if the hospital itself is not a safe place. Hence it is very vital to keep our hospital in high quality when it come to HSE, While hospitals are associated with helping individuals recover from injury or illness, there are still several risks for the staff who work there on a daily basis. Similarly, one minor mistake brought on by a lack of health and safety knowledge could endanger patients as well.
StudyMRCOG offers safe and sound HSE management and establishment meeting all the statutory obligation or going above par. We do have professionally qualified HSE professional who possess 10+ years of experience address the hazards and suggests the controls. StudyMRCOG offers detailed HSE management which includes,

QHSE Management Plan and its Implementation

Plan, Review, and Implementation of QHSE policies & procedures

Plan, Review, and Implementation of Fire Fighting appliances

Plan, Review and Implementation of Medicine handling and storage

Plan Review and Implementation of Infrastructure Hygiene and Safety.

Document handling and Record Keeping.

Plan and Review the need/use of Personal protective equipment’s.

Plan and Review Safe chemical and hazardous gas handling.

Emergency Preparedness and training.

Disaster Management.

Plan, Review and Implement waste Management.

Periodical audit and Review.

QHSE Certifications

StudyMRCOG aims to provide excellence and recognition to all our clients in an international level when it comes to Quality, Health & Safety and Environmental (QHSE) performance which is critical to achieve efficiency, reducing risk and enhancing reputation. QHSE Certifications are,

ISO 9001 is designed to help you achieve reliable quality in your products, services and operations and improve customer satisfaction. StudyMRCOG research team in line with the client team shall provide support to attain ISO 9001 certification by guiding through the process of audit, training, preparation of documents, procedures, and protocols etc. StudyMRCOG team have competent ISO certified audit team with immense experience who shall help our client to achieve this with ease which enhances your reputation and quality one step further.

ISO 14001 provides a framework for sustainable development, enabling you to identify, control and monitor the environmental aspects of your organization. Managing our environment as our home is one of the key criteria which globally all nations are thinking of and for which lots of laws being enforced as well. We believe and ensure that we can support our client to achieve an ecofriendly hospital adhering with all the statutory obligations. This help your teams develop the knowledge and skills to achieve sustainable compliance and cut operating costs through more efficient resource use and waste management.
StudyMRCOG team have competent ISO certified audit team with immense experience who shall help our client to achieve this with ease which enhances your reputation and quality one step further.

ISO 45001 is to help you create an Occupational Health & Safety Management System, based on minimizing occupational risks and improving the health and safety of workers and overall working conditions. Health and safety of the employees is the backbone of any industry without which no one can explore the sky.
It is for this reason, organization must provide your workers with a safe and healthy work environment, proactively anticipating the possible occurrence of incidents and avoiding any harm or injuries. StudyMRCOG offers diversified programs to guide you on the process hand by hand, clause by clause. (Trainings, Audits, inspections & Infrastructure layout, designing work environments, selection of PPE’s etc.)
StudyMRCOG team have competent ISO certified audit team with immense experience who shall help our client to achieve this with ease which enhances your reputation and quality one step further.

Query Management

StudyMRCOG medical information query management system is a reliable and validated system which is totally controlled and governed by the SOP’s and Protocols. Security of information held within the system is uncompromisable ensuring no unauthorized access to the system. Our Medical information and query management system services includes,

Prepare, Review, and implement information handling procedures

Preparation and review of FAQ’s

Products complaint handling

Services complaint Handling

Medical transcription and Writing

Customer Feedback Survey and preparation of Improvement plans