Project Feasibility Report (PFR) will be depend on so many factors such as area, nature of projects, specialties required, No of bed spaces, volume of staffing etc. For Smaller Scale Projects PFR will be ready within 4 Weeks and for bigger projects it will be within 4 -12 Weeks.

This detail shall be provided based on the specialties which the client required to be incorporated within the project.  Staffing will be varying based on the size of the projects and based on no of specialties offered. Based on the specialties requirements we do provide a detailed list of equipment’s prepared by our expert research team with three different models and price range

This detail shall be required based on the specialties offered and accreditations which are planning to be incorporated. We do provide a list of SOP’s required for the hospital based on the specialties and nature of the project.

Standard operating procedures, or commonly known as SOPs, are the forefront documents presented to every employee. These procedure templates communicate what needs to be done on a routine basis. SOPS are necessary to incorporate aspects of treatment which are not highlighted in guidelines or which are parts of different guidelines. This will ensure that attention is paid to areas as diverse as problem-solving, communication, social support, family burden, and caregiver stress.

Hospital Information Management System can perform multiple functions at a time such as scheduling appointments, report generations, Record generation and security etc.

Yes, the installation of the HIMS at your facility and communicates regularly with the provider to ensure that all the necessary requirements have been fulfilled and functional. We also trains essential staff on the use of HIMS.

StudyMRCOG assists in the provision of developing HR protocols and job descriptions based on the requirements specified by the client. Based on the approved job description suitable candidates shall be selected and aids in scheduling interviews or meeting etc.

Yes, StudyMRCOG will assist to schedule training plan, training calendar with the training outcome to help the client understand the need of trainings. We also provide ample locations to host all the trainings based on the prior approval from the client.