Hospital Accreditations (Statutory & Others)

Accreditations are the benchmarks which are set by different governing bodies to increase the care for health, safety, patients, and environment. Accreditation to a health care organization stimulates continuous improvement. We offer expert advise and assistance to fulfill the criteria’s and meet the statutory obligations thereby redefining the standards, increasing the value, and enhancing patient satisfaction.

StudyMRCOG have dedicated research team who can work closely with the client to have a detailed understanding of the existing system and to evaluate each department through our detailed audit program. Our Expert auditors will scrutinize each factor which are essential such as

  • Gap analysis of the existing system

  • Review of Policies, Standard operating procedures, and protocols

  • Proper Guidance and training on Accreditation body standards and requirements.

  • Implementation of standards through advanced training programs.

  • Audit and Review of each system and its components to strengthen the core system.

We as consultant, well-versed and experienced with quality guidelines, will not only serve as an advisor for the entire process but also act as an expert mentor to draw the success path steadily.